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December 11, 2010


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So it's an Irish pub? A steakhouse? A sports bar?

I really liked The Artisan.


And a cupcake shop lol. The 38 Caroline location does seem to be snake bitten and there certainly is plenty of competition close by, but it's hard not to have some confidence and hope based on Johson's experience, success, and the fact that he had the means to come up with $600,000. I'll be rooting for him.

August West

Dango makes a mean chicken wing. He is know for having 5 cent wing nights once a week at all of his restaurants. This will be a nice addition to downtown.


Being that I'm from Buffalo I appreciate good wings - but I also am discerning so I will stop in there after they open and give you an expert Buffalonian's opinion. Thanks for commenting!

David Barton

Dave, I wish you the best. If you do as good as you do in the falls it will be the best !!!!!

Your friends from Section 4

Saratoga Jim

I was glad to see that the place reopened, because I liked It's Confidential a lot because they had decent bar foos and often had live music early on Friday and Saturday nights.

I've been to Dango's twice, The first time was when they first opened. The place was crowded and the noise was deafening, especially for 6 pm on a Friday. The TV's were blaring and everybody seemed to screaming to converse over it.

The second visit was at the end of track season, also on a early Friday evening, outside at the patio bar.

16 dollars for a pint of Labatt's and a vodka (generic bar vodka) and lemonade. Are they kidding? Early evening with no entertainment? No wonder there were only a dozen people out there and Gaffney's was crowded. The guy sitting kitty-corner to us noticed my reaction when I saw the four dollars I got in change, and told me with a chuckle that I was lucky it was happy hour.

Maybe they plan on hosing the tourists and that isn't the regular prices, but charges those prices won't work in Saratoga in December and January. I've been to their Glens Falls place and it wasn't like that. I'll give them another try in hopes that it was just a mistake, because I want the place to work.


5 cent wings equal $3.50 for water. Its bait and switch. Watch your wallet.

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