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April 04, 2011


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As usual, too many high-end boutiques targeting only women opening up. Would be great to see some diversity and new stores that actually meet a need rather than compete for the same business as other stores that already struggle for 9 months of the year.


I agree Rob, but at this point with the economy struggling, Borders closing, and some other prominent storefronts on key corners remaining vacant, I'm just sort of happy for any businesses, diverse choices or not, filling up storefronts. In the long run I hope we achieve the diversity you desire, but for now I'll take what I can get.


Hopefully the area north of City Hall will be a lucrative spot for Saratoga Olive Oil Co. Businesses seem to have a tough time staying open there. I'm really interested to check this out when it opens.


Hey Tim - I'm going to make it a point to check it out and if the product is as high quality as I expect it to be, I'll be a regular customer. I do a fair amount of my Christmas and other gift shopping in downtown Saratoga, and I will make it a point to do even more this year. Hopefully everyone else that loves Saratoga will do the same and give our downtown a continued boost.


Dan, I do the same thing when it comes to gifts. It's fun!! I fill a shopping bag with local foods, crafts, books, and whatever else I can find on Broadway. It gives me an opportunity to schmooze with store owners, clerks, and other shoppers. While I do this all year round,it's during the holiday season that I get that special, warm, home-town feeling! Can't get that at the malls or big boxes!!!!
See ya on the street!!


Good point Sara - and the big boxes don't have the quality of say G. Williker's Toys and our many clothing and food stores. The Downtown Business Association's gift Card program is also a great help, and I want to do my help to further the downtown businesses, both with my cash (actually my credit card) and this blog. Thanks Sara!

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