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May 05, 2011


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Ugh, I thought the McMansion phase was over?

Dan De Federicis

Yea Rob, there are a number of ranch houses out Fifth Avenue that could use significant updating and really wouldn't be such a great loss if they were knocked down and replaced, but this particular ranch looked very nice and well kept.


I am wondering why of all your updates and pics around town lately, you have posted nothing on The Van Damn building being renovated to house Maestros. OMG I looked in the windows last night and about fell over, this place is magnificent and I noticed the beautiful boxes out front today with the decorative grass and their sign has been hung. They must be close to opening ?? Any word ?? Hell with McDonalds, this is what we should be updating, This is history !!!!

Dan De Federicis

Hi Matt:

You said I've posted "none" about Maestro's, but I have posted many entries about Maestro's - I had an entry when they put their blueprints on line, another one when they created their new logo and web site, and one with a Youtube video where Tina Kruger and John LaPosta talked about their upcoming move and showed some of the construction, plus others. Your comment still has validity nonetheless because I haven't put any Maestro's posts up since last month and you're right - it is historical. I have been so busy lately that I have only taken pictures on the fly, but I would like to do an update the Maestro's move. If you can send me any pictures that would be great - although I think Maestro's has also been tweeting updates so I'll check Twitter and Facebook as well. Look for something by next week. Thanks Matt.


Mr. De Federicis, I didn't mean to criticize, I just meant that recently I hadn't seen anything and I noticed your "Saratoga Thoughts" have covered lots of things , new and old, around town and you have posted pics from McDonalds with it's own heading yet no mention of this. I guess I was just so shocked by this place, it isn't what I was imagining. It got my attention the other night when I just happenend to walk and went on the porch to peek in the windows and was blown away. I guess I didnt initially understand where exactly in the building they were moving and what extent they were renovating that beautiful historic building. I realized from peeking in that they have the entire first floor and it looks like it is old Saratoga brought back. I didn't see any signs and the current restaurant seemed hesitant to give me a opening date, thought you may know so I thought I would reach out to you and mention that you should go look, it would be a great story for your blog. As I said, I was just walking so I have no pictures or access to any. You'll enjoy it and maybe you can get lucky and get inside before they open. Sorry if I seemed to be criticizing, it wasnt my intention.

Dan De Federicis

No Matt no offense taken in fact you were right it's big news and I've been silent. I will be posting this weekend.

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