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September 16, 2009


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Gerald Erchak

Skidmore sold the building (which was an eyesore from the get-go) in good faith. The developer was hit by the financial collapse just as the rest of use were!


You should journey over to the West Side my friend. Franklin Square is falling apart, despite a few recent minor cosmetic upgrades, and anything west of that becomes even more questionable. It certainly isn't Albany, but there is definitley a lack of pride and/or wherewithal among some home owners over on this side of 8 Mile.


Thank you both for commenting. Gerry if you say it was good faith then fine, but related to good faith are foresight and attention to details. Skidmore left a sign out front which to this day identifies the building as Moore Hall of Skidmore College. Does Skidmore want to be identified with that building with all the overgrown weeds, shrubs, debris, and graffiti? Also, and I'm not attacking Skidmore I'm just noting and perhaps criticizing with the benefit of 20-20 hindsight, but if the building was an eyesore when Skidmore owned it, then would it be too much to ask for them to raze the building before they sold it to ensure the current situation did not happen to the city and the neighborhood? Could they have made an agreement as part of the sale that Norstar would raze the building within a year? Or perhaps at least maintain the building? Again, they aren't the problem but they could be part of the solution - they must have some sort of relationship with the company since they agreed on a significant sale together. Perhaps they can use the power of persuasion and affect change.

Drew I haven't noticed as much on the west side, but I'm not over there much. Thanks for your input.


I don't think you're allowed to tear down buildings in town right now. Just ask the Riggi's or the guy who owns that crack house (OK maybe not a crack house...yet) on Franklin Ave.


Thanks for commenting. Well there's a world of difference between a beautiful old house built in 1865 that has historical significance and has decades if not centuries of usable life left in it, vs a 1959 ugly pink former dorm building that really doesn't have any usefulness left. There are no preservationists clamoring to save the pink palace.

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