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April 07, 2012


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Ben Schuyler

Tom Dimopoulos position being eliminated is not a good thing. He is a nice human being and a talented reporter/writer. It is also not good for the community to lose a daily newspaper. I do not think the Post Star is a bad paper but I know that in its core - Washington and Warren County that it is not well thought of. The locals like the Chronicle and Mirror.

Kyle York

The loss of Tom is crushing for genuine newshounds. He was part of the best regional newsteam... today's scene is now a whole bunch worse for the Post-Star and the Folks-Here.


The Post-Star has been in decline for some time and Ken Tingley still believes they are on par with the NY Times rather than simply a local newspaper. I believe there were a number of cuts in the newsroom at the paper, not just Dimopoulos.

And nice one on the Arby's. I was in Saratoga this weekend visiting family and was surprised nothing seemed to be going on in that space. We did have a nice dinner at Wheatfield's and some beers at DA's though. Still the best jukebox ever!


Yes Rob I guess there were at least a few more people let go from the Post-Star. I imagine something may happen at the old Grey Gelding by summer, but I guess now is the time for it to start happening or it won't be ready by then. You'd think landlords would work with places rather than insisting on high rent only to see the place go empty. How many months of no rent did this owner go through so far? Same with where the Cupcake Lab used to be - it's been empty ever since it closed and will likely remain that way for a long time. Do these landlords feel any stewardship to make downtown vibrant or is it all about the almighty buck?


You had me on the Arby's post. Good thing I kept reading. Was about to post this awful news on FB.

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